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ORAS Mega-Recap and Site Functionality Restored

We're back online after a major back-end restructuring that we had no choice in doing... Agh. Making up for lost time with a massive OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire recap!

Massive Smash Bros. Direct Enters the Ring

Massive Smash Bros. Direct reveals new features, stages and characters. We share all the revelations. Pokemon related: Greninja enters the fray, alongside Charizard as a unique fighter; the Kalos Pokemon League is a Wii U stage, Prism Tower for 3DS.

Darkrai Distribution Coming for Diancie Movie

Darkrai has been chosen as the people's choice for the seventeenth movie event distribution. It comes with Phantom Force, which is otherwise unobtainable.

Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Service Shutting Down May 20th

Nintendo's Wi-Fi Connection service will be ended on May 20th, 2014. This will affect online play for all Nintendo Wii and DS games.

Masuda Discusses XY Details and Mysterious

GameFreak director Junichi Masuda held a revealing interview with GameInformer in which he discussed certain Pokemon designs, plot elements, romance in Pokemon, Hoenn, and more.

Nintendo Direct Recap Pokemon Battle Trozei Announced

Today's Nintendo DIrect revealed a variety of news, such as a GBA Virtual Console for Wii U, a new Smash Bros character, and Pokemon Battle Trozei, a new eShop title.

CoroCoro Diancie Revealed and Detailed

CoroCoro leaks to reveal, Diancie, a hidden event Pokemon, is one of the stars for the 17th Pokemon movie, which allows us to learn a little more about the mysterious Pokemon. A wallpaper for Diancie has also been completed.

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on Sat Nov 22 20:44:04 2014 from Twitter Web Client

HURRRRRRRNNNNNNG That opening of #PokemonORAS


on Sat Nov 22 20:44:04 2014 from Twitter for iPhone

electrike or cosplay pikachu? #PokemonORAS


on Sat Nov 22 20:43:29 2014 from Twitter Web Client

@IGN Pokemon review is embarrassing, or should I say opinion, cause that's all your job is, giving opinions, anyone can do it. #PokemonORAS


on Sat Nov 22 20:43:11 2014 from Twitter for Android

Mauville City, more like Mall-ville City #PokemonORAS #PokemonPuns #badpuns


on Sat Nov 22 20:42:04 2014 from twitcle plus

RT @raim2005: オダマキ博士(35歳) #pokemonoras http://t.co/ytbbvDB517


on Sat Nov 22 20:41:12 2014 from Twitter for iPhone

$39.99 of Pokémon awesome! #PokémonORAS


on Sat Nov 22 20:39:46 2014 from Twitter Web Client

That was different though... I dont think they dont that before... #PokemonORAS


on Sat Nov 22 20:39:38 2014 from Twitter Web Client

Sigh, I'm trying to avoid watching playthroughs of #PokemonORAS until I can get it in the UK, why you do this to me YouTubers?


on Sat Nov 22 20:39:36 2014 from Twitter Web Client

The DexNav feature in #PokemonORAS is incredible. God bless you, GAMEFREAK developers. You've answered our prayers.


on Sat Nov 22 20:38:20 2014 from Twitter Web Client

Urgh! That time now... Victory Road. #PokemonORAS


on Sat Nov 22 20:37:22 2014 from Twitter Web Client

they weren't kidding about #TooMuchWater, it's such a problem that people of hoenn are OD'ing on it...#PokemonORAS http://t.co/05sHNMcNva


on Sat Nov 22 20:37:05 2014 from Twitter for iPhone

Im very picky about the pokemon i catch #PokemonORAS


on Sat Nov 22 20:36:48 2014 from Twitter Web Client

Heh... heh heh. Still amusing to this day. #PokemonORAS #pokemon #OmegaRuby #AlphaSapphire http://t.co/nJQUQRRO7m


on Sat Nov 22 20:35:35 2014 from iOS

#MegaSceptile #MegaMetagross Champion is too easy #pokemonORAS http://t.co/No6xzSCsBk


on Sat Nov 22 20:35:09 2014 from Twitter for Android

So any of my #PokemonORAS people wanna be gems and trade me a female Feebass? I need it for contest reasons....

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