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"Hatch a Lot of Eggs!" global mission now live: Runs until April 10

The fifth global mission for Pokémon Sun and Moon is now live. In this global mission, players have to hatch Pokémon Eggs. The global mission runs until April 10, 2017.

2017 International Challenge - April tournament announced: All participants to receive ...

The 2017 International Challenge - April tournament has been announced. All participants will receive a Sceptilite and Blazikenite.

Pokémon: Symphonic Evolutions to be performed in United Arab Emirates: The concert will be ...

Pokémon: Symphonic Evolutions will be performed in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates on March 31, 2017 starting from 7:10 pm. The concert will be held on the Mother of the Nation Festival main stage at Abu Dhabi Corniche.

Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel to be released on Blu-ray and DVD in the UK: To be released ...

The 19th Pokémon movie, Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel, will be released on Blu-ray and DVD in the UK on 15 May 2017. The Blu-ray and DVD of this movie will both be distributed by Manga Entertainment UK.

Shiny Tapu Koko to be distributed in South Korea: To be available at Korean League 2016-2017 ...

Shiny Tapu Koko will distributed in South Korea at the Korean League 2016-2017 Spring Tournament, which will be held from April 8 to 9, 2017.

Water Pokémon more common in Pokémon GO: Shiny Magikarp discovered

From March 22 to 29, Water-type Pokémon are more common in Pokémon GO.

Pokémon GO update available, Evolution items guaranteed for streaks: Being rolled out for iOS, ...

A new update for Pokémon GO that brings the game to version 0.59.1 (labelled 1.29.1 on the iOS App Store) is currently being rolled out for iOS and Android.

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on Wed Mar 29 14:56:34 2017 from Twitter Web Client

RT @_Lothelen: Litten #bento ! 🐱♥Rice, red cabage's salad, beef and mango mochi ! #PokemonSunMoon #charaben #pokemon https://t.co/GuUoQ6YlfS


on Wed Mar 29 14:51:22 2017 from Twitter for Android

Just picked up my KantoXAlola participation mega stones! #PokemonSunMoon https://t.co/GNVeR45szt


on Wed Mar 29 14:48:14 2017 from EpoxyTV

Uploading a #PokemonSunMoon Wifi Battle now, in the meantime, check out yesterday's #ZeldaBotW video! https://t.co/cXX6rGVYVe


on Wed Mar 29 14:47:04 2017 from Twitter Web Client

RT @Gymbadge_: Second mobile guide for VGC17 #PlayPokemon #PokemonSunMoon #pokemon #garchomp https://t.co/G96Z93KnpM


on Wed Mar 29 14:43:38 2017 from Twitter Web Client

RT @NintendoAmerica: It’s official: #PokemonSunMoon are the fastest-selling games in Nintendo history in the Americas! Which version are yo…


on Wed Mar 29 14:41:40 2017 from Twitter for Android

RT @sergius_andres: Sorteo de 2 Lycanroc shinys Rt+Follow(acaba el día 29 miércoles) #Blessurintercambios #giveaway #PokemonSunMoon #pokemo…


on Wed Mar 29 14:40:39 2017 from Twitter for iPhone

RT @JmstyleA: Ayuda para que @PokemonMatrix me de un Pokémon nesecito 30 RT plz #PokemonSunMoon #Blessurintercambios #PokemonGO


on Wed Mar 29 14:36:50 2017 from Twitter for iPhone

Análisis a fondo del 1x10 de la serie #PokemonSunMoon #Anime https://t.co/bkpO4oxKH7 #SolyLuna #PokemonSolyLuna


on Wed Mar 29 14:35:11 2017 from Twitter for Android

RT @diego12971: Hahahaha i hope we see nebby in the anime #anipoke #PokemonSunMoon https://t.co/vl8ajhZImC


on Wed Mar 29 14:34:51 2017 from Twitter for iPhone

N'oubliez pas de vous inscrire au prochain Ranking! https://t.co/gqoOxJgwBv #pokemon #pokemonsunmoon #RT appréciés ! ✌🏻


on Wed Mar 29 14:32:31 2017 from Twitter Web Client

RT @BluemouthInt: #WIN 1 of 6 #PokemonSunMoon prize packs. Incls Game, Guide & accessories. Follow @BluemouthInt & RT for entry. T&C's http…


on Wed Mar 29 14:30:44 2017 from Twitter for Android

RT @ThePokeFanatic1: Oi, I need this 😮 #pokemon #pokemonsunmoon https://t.co/tLNHZChfIq


on Wed Mar 29 14:22:24 2017 from Twitter Web Client

RT @NerdNinten: Thousands of Pokemon Sun and Moon Players Have Been Banned : https://t.co/DZkBOGTmVQ #PokemonSunMoon https://t.co/en3dDFaTsq


on Wed Mar 29 14:21:32 2017 from Twitter Web Client

RT @ThePokeFanatic1: Oi, I need this 😮 #pokemon #pokemonsunmoon https://t.co/tLNHZChfIq